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Many factors contribute to the success of a visa application. FD immigration Adviser  understands the importance of these criteria and keeps Case Study or Analysis as the foremost step when you decide to file your application with us. In this process, your case manager thoroughly studies your profile including age, work experience, education, English language proficiency, etc. After deeply analyzing and studying your profile, your case manager suggests the right program as per your profile.

We assist clients while applying for suitable immigration streams as per their profile and needs, including guidance through the immigration program and process.

FD immigration Adviser has been providing referral client assistance and information. Our experienced attorneys assist clients with temporary or permanent visas for skilled workers with varying skill levels, as well as other immigration-related matters.

Many countries have a point-based immigration system based on which they assess the profile of applicants for various parameters. One such parameter is the language efficiency of the applicant. While countries like Australia accept English language test results, Canada accepts language results in English/French or both. Having good English language proficiency is crucial for applicants filing their immigration applications. Achieving the required language results is vital for the success of your application.

FD Immigration Adviser, we understand the significance of finding a job, especially when you are applying from your home country. With our job search services, we help applicants to get a job abroad with employers who are in search of suitable profiles.

We understand that employers and placement agencies receive hundreds of applications. This is where our Resume Writing Services come into action. Moreover, we also assist clients with salary negotiation and other terms of the overseas employers.

Immigration is not only about transition it involves a lot of preparation. To make sure you enjoy a great experience migrating, we have a range of comprehensive settlement and placement services to help you settle in the country of your choice.

In coordination with our associates, we provide exclusive deals to our clients for placement & settlement. We assist our clients in settlement and groom them for the job market in their destination country and help them find a job after their landing. It provides complete assistance in the settlement of our clients and in grooming our clients for the job market in their country of destination and finding a job for them after they land in the country.

FD Immigration  Adviser offers pre-landing assistance to clients planning to settle abroad. Over the past years, we have successfully assisted clients planning to settle in Canada or Australia and guided them carefully with our professional pre-landing solutions to help them with everything that goes on before the journey to their dream destination.

FD Immigration Adviser, we offer expert immigration solutions to clients facing rejection or any issue in their immigration application.

How Can FD Immigration Adviser Help You Re-File Your Application?
The immigration professionals and experts at Universal Adviser use their extensive industry knowledge and help you to overcome any issue in your application. We study your profile and help you in eliminating any rejection point in your application while re-filing your visa application.

Before re-filing the visa, we carefully study the rejection reason, works towards a solution and eliminate the rejection points one by one to make sure your application is 100% correct and gets approved the second time.

If you also have got a rejection, feel free to get in touch with experienced immigration experts at FD immigration Adviser  for Refusal Case Analysis and Refiling.

FD Immigration Adviser we have the right knowledge, experience and robust processes to navigate complex visa procedures and file your visa for 100% success.

There are different visa categories based on the purpose of your visit. Most of the visa applications are filed online. It is very important to understand the visa process, gather the required documents and fill in the correct information.

The most important thing to keep in mind before filing your application is that you meet the eligibility criteria and all other requirements of the country you are planning to migrate to. While you may find the documents checklist, some minor conditions may remain unnoticed, affecting your profile with the immigration authorities. So, it is best to seek the help of immigration experts who are well-versed in the field.

Visa Consultation

FD Immigration Adviser, we understand the importance of visa documentation and have a stringent process for document collection from each of our clients.

Once our immigration experts assess your profile and guide you with the suitable visa category to apply under, your profile is handed to our case managers for the documentation and visa filing process to start.

While collecting the documents, we make sure that your personal information is protected and remains safe with us. You can read our Privacy Policy to read more about how and where we use your personal information.

After receiving the documents, our case managers evaluate them to be as per the guidelines of the visa authorities.

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